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Through our Grace With Style donation program, we are on a mission to donate one turban to a cancer patient in need, for each turban sold. Our vision is to empower every woman with elegance, confidence and dignity, to help her live her best life no matter where her hair journey takes her. Grace, our iconic mannequin, inspires this program by reminding us you can wear your turban like a superhero cape and do anything you set your mind to. 

We work with our amazing donation parters year-round to support their patient outreach programs with our turbans. Be sure to check out their resources!


Grace is StyleEsteem Wardrobe Founder Sonya's mannequin head, where she rested her wig during her chemotherapy treatments for breast cancer. It accompanied her through her journey and defined her look.

One fine liberating day, Sonya decided that she would turn her wig guardian into a source of joy, empowerment and life.

Ensue bedazzling.

Named after Sonya's turban style-idol icon Grace Kelly, Grace is up for a lifetime of adventures and fun. Chase Grace on her journey here, as she shows everyone that your hair journey and your diagnosis don't define you. It's all about attitude and style.