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styleesteem gives back to cancer patients in chemotherapy facing hair loss in partnership with non-profit organizations and hospitals

The turban became a beacon of courage and strength for me after I faced a cancer diagnosis at age 29. During chemotherapy, I did not only lose my hair, I felt a loss of identity and beauty. It was only when I started to design turbans to dress my bald head, that I began to realize the power of feeling like myself again.

This was the inspiration behind launching our Grace with Style program - our commitment to support cancer patients in active treatment through their hair journeys - before we ever made our first sale. 

Our turban donation initiative has already seen thousands of patients in chemotherapy receive a beautiful turban free of cost. Our turbans have also been adorned by patients on the fashion runways to raise awareness and funding for cancer research. A portion of every single sale as well as turban sponsorships makes this impactful initiative possible. 

Our wellness resources and events help patients learn about hair and scalp care before, during and after chemotherapy. Hair loss is not simply a side effect of chemotherapy, it is an opportunity to honor and care for yourself on this path, as I learned firsthand.

Through our partnerships with non-profit organizations and hospitals, our goal is to help cancer patients feel beautiful, confident and strong, at every stage of their hair journey.




Are you interested in partnering with our Grace with Style program? We would love to hear from you!

Thank you to all of our amazing partners who are on this mission with us.