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India's Pluc TV Features StyleEsteem Founder Sonya Keshwani

India's Pluc TV Features StyleEsteem Founder Sonya Keshwani

by Kayva Gupta

Cancer is often remained a hush-hush topic in India. But Sonya Keshwani is trying to change that. Diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 29, she fought the disease and created a successful business to empower women. StyleEsteem Wardrobe was founded at the time of her diagnosis, as she started traveling to NYC for chemotherapy and surgeries, while still living in DC and working full time in the media field. During her recovery periods, she would experiment with sewing patterns. And the designs she created gave her back the confidence and dignity she once thought cancer had stolen away. Fashion became Sonya’s secret weapon in self-preservation. StyleEsteem became the way to share that strength with others. This #WorldCancerDay share your story of life beyond cancer only on Pluc.TV.

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