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Our Mission

StyleEsteem Wardrobe is the only fashion label to design luxury turbans by season and occasion – so you can shop for stylish headwear the same way you shop for clothes. Our turbans are uniquely created for people of all hair journeys. Whether you are a turbanista, a cancer or alopecia patient, or are just having a bad hair day, every hair journey is personal and deserves a high fashion crown. So, wear your turban like a superhero cape, because there is no power greater than being authentically you, starting with your style.

Our Designs

All of our turbans are designed in New York City by our founder Sonya Keshwani. Since our launch, the Wardrobe has expanded to include handmade couture turbans, UV protective styles, runway premiered designs, and so much more. Our turbans are accompanied by empowering accessories like henna crown inspired temporary tattoos, handmade earrings, and others.

Our Founder

At 29 years old, Sonya Keshwani was working in the media field, traveling the world, and living her most stylish life, when she received a breast cancer diagnosis. After losing her hair to chemotherapy, she was simply told to “buy a wig and deal with it.” She quickly realized that wigs were not only uncomfortable to wear, they were in authentic to her style.

Sonya started searching for stylish and comfortable head coverings online but could only find chemo beanies that made her look and feel like a sick person. “If I wouldn’t wear this as a healthy person, why would I wear this while sick?!”, she thought to herself.

What Sonya needed was luxe turban that was designed for the woman in her – not the patient in her. So, she decided to bring her vision to life with the help of her mother’s sewing machine.

After each round of chemotherapy, Sonya visited a fabric store next to her infusion center, and brought home fabric samples. She experimented with her sewing machine and created styles that transformed how she got dressed in the mornings and the way she saw herself in the mirror.

Her personal collection of turbans grew during chemotherapy and became her inspiration to launch StyleEsteem Wardrobe. Fashion became Sonya’s secret weapon in self-preservation. StyleEsteem became the way to share that superpower and help others find their authentic self through style, too.