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About Us

Our Mission

StyleEsteem Wardrobe is on a mission to empower every woman with elegance, confidence and dignity, one chic turban at a time.

Whether you are a bald beauty, a post-chemo-curls babe, or simply a turbanista at heart, every hair journey is special to us. That’s why we are the first to create fashionable turban collections for every season and every occasion. We believe you deserve to dress in a way that is authentic to your style, with turban options that bring joy and self-esteem to your everyday life.

Each turban is designed by a cancer survivor, with bravery, style and timelessness in mind.

Our Founder

StyleEsteem Wardrobe was founded by Sonya Keshwani after she was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 29. At the time of her diagnosis, she started traveling to NYC for chemotherapy and surgeries, while still living in DC and working full time in the media field.

When her hair began falling out, it was the start of those thoughts, “Will I start to look sick at work?” “How will I manage to wear a wig for the next year?” “Can I still feel and look like a woman without my hair?”

Still, her desire to dress for the life that she ultimately wanted (happy, healthy and successful), meant she had to recapture her sense of self.

She started searching sites like Amazon and Etsy for fashion solutions to her hair loss. The results were forgettable and loud designs that she would never wear when healthy, much less when sick.

So she decided to visit a fabric shop near her infusion center after each chemo session and grab fabric samples. During her recovery periods she would experiment with sewing patterns. And the designs she created gave her back the confidence and dignity she once thought cancer had stolen away.

Fashion became Sonya’s secret weapon in self preservation. StyleEsteem became the way to share that strength with others.