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Meet Sonya Keshwani

Meet Sonya Keshwani

We were lucky to catch up with Sonya Keshwani recently and have shared our conversation below.

Alright, Sonya thanks for taking the time to share your stories and insights with us today. We’d love to hear about when you first realized that you wanted to pursue a creative path professionally.

Fashion design was in my soul from a very young age. Probably from the first time I walked with my parents down Fifth Avenue and peered into the windows of the designer shops. I began creating a portfolio of couture inspired designs, and found that the imagination of fashion brought me to life. As I grew through life and got to know myself better, I realized that I wanted to create fashion that was tied to an important purpose. When I lost my hair to chemotherapy at age 29, I saw there were limited options available for fashionable head coverings. Out of this need, I began experimenting with fabrics and created turbans that transformed my confidence. Experiencing the power of a fashionable crown inspired me to launch StyleEsteem Wardrobe, where you can now find many different types of head pieces for all seasons and occasions, for people of all hair journeys.

Sonya, before we move on to more of these sorts of questions, can you take some time to bring our readers up to speed on you and what you do?

My story as the founder of StyleEsteem Wardrobe, is one of inspiration, resilience and creativity. As a breast cancer patient at the young age of 29, I experienced first hand the challenges of losing my hair to chemotherapy and the frustration at the limited options available for head coverings.

I decided to take matters into my own hands by coming up with a creative solution. I used my love of fashion to start experimenting with fabrics and my sewing machine during treatment, and I began designing turbans. I found that as my personal collection of turbans grew, so did my confidence, inside and out.

I then boldly decided to launch StyleEsteem Wardrobe, the first fashion label to design headwear according to the season and occasion. Today our mission is to empower every person through fashion, no matter their hair journey. Alongside our seasonal and couture collection releases, we are committed to helping those in need beyond fashion. Our Grace with Style initiative supports a vast patient community through beauty and mental health programming, and non-profit partnerships.


Have you ever had to pivot?

This year we were inspired to pivot our brand to include a couture line. As a fashion label, We aim to create headpieces that are like wearable art. With it’s 4,000 year old history, there are so many interpretations of turbans throughout time. Tapping into this motif across cultures and eras and bringing it into the modern day with a StyleEsteem touch, is what makes our turbans timeless. We believe that headpieces can be a symbol of empowerment and self-expression for everyone, regardless of their gender, cultural background, or hair journey. Our new couture line captures the beauty of history and diversity in fashion through one-of-a-kind designs that feel like a crown on any occasion.

What can society do to ensure an environment that’s helpful to artists and creatives?

I can’t say this enough – shop woman owned, shop minority owned, shop small. StyleEsteem is a fully-self funded business, now growing its presence in the fashion industry for over four years. As the founder, I prioritize projects that create jobs in my community, bring diversity into fashion, and encourage mental health and wellness. We believe in creating headpieces with textiles that have been hand selected from around the world, and producing curated seasonal collections that can stay in your wardrobe for a lifetime. Creating thoughtfully with the client and the planet in mind is a core part of our business. It builds on the mission of empowering men and women through fashion and reminding them they are most powerful when they are their authentic selves. By supporting business with a values based approach, consumers have the power to actively and collaboratively shape the future of our society through their dollars spent.

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