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Diwali Turbans Have Arrived!

Diwali Turbans Have Arrived!


From childhood, Indian fashion served as the original source of style inspiration in my life. Whether it was going to bazaars with my mom to shop for intricate, one-of-a-kind salwar kameezzes and lenghas, or wearing those beautiful outfits to gatherings where we ate food and danced to music from our culture, Indian fashion was always my first love.

When I started handmaking turbans in 2018 during chemotherapy, it was the root of creativity afforded to me by my culture that inspired me to believe I could create something beautiful. It gave me confidence and curiosity to experiment with various textiles and appliques, and to create with imagination.

Today, I can’t help but feel that you all are a reflection of these designs, and in that way I am also a reflection of you. This idea of reflection is captured so beautifully in the spirit of Diwali – the Indian festival of lights.

Diwali symbolizes the celebration of the inner light within each of us that protects us from darkness. The name Diwali, or Deepawali, comes from the Sanskrit word Deepavali which means “row of clay lamps”. Clay lamps (diyas) are lit by Indians to signify this light, and this light touches and reflects on each of us.

This Diwali, I have designed a turban which captures this very idea, that we ourselves are the light, and our stories stand to brighten each other’s’ paths. This limited edition couture style is adorned with dozens of handset mirrors in traditional Indian floral patterns. The mirrors reflect the world and the stories around you and add to the beauty of this style. 

We created this design in three colors. We chose red because this auspicious color represents love, commitment, strength and bravery in India. We also chose gold and silver so you can wear a festive look that is true to your style choices. This design was created to celebrate all hair journeys, regardless of culture or creed.

However you wear this style, remember that it is a celebration of you and the world around you, so wear it with pride.

See this bold and beautiful turban here.

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