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Dressing for Fall and Winter During Hair Loss

Dressing for Fall and Winter During Hair Loss

Written by Sonya Keshwani, Survivor & Founder of StyleEsteem
Fall and winter fashion captures the best of change, reflection and celebration. But, if you are going through hair loss, it can be challenging to dress for this time of year.

My own hair loss journey began when I was diagnosed with cancer in March 2018 and shaved my head at the start of chemo in May. By the time I completed my first six rounds of chemo it was already fall. During the coming months I searched deep in my wardrobe and in my turban arsenal for inspiration for my favorite seasons. And I learned that it is certainly possible to feel inspired by fashion during these months, if you have the right pieces in your closet.

In this blog post I wanted to share a look book of inspiration with you, so you too can find confidence and authenticity in your style this season.
1. Statement Turban with Neutral Outerwear
Bundling up doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style for comfort. The colder months are a great time to add statement knit turbans to your daily wardrobe. By doing this you can put a festive or glam twist on your go-to puffer or trench coat. You can endlessly switch up your turban according to your mood or agenda for the day.

2. Statement Coat with Neutral (or Dressy) Turban
Months of colder weather can benefit greatly from pops of color, especially in your outerwear. What is your favorite non-neutral color that makes you feel confident and stylish? Find a coat in this color in a deep, bold tone. For example, instead of pink think dark fuchsia. Add a neutral turban for balance, or a colorful one if you prefer. And voila! You’ve got a uniquely “you” ensemble that is dressy and cozy for the outdoors.

3. Couture Turban with Your Favorite Outfit
Whether you feel like your most confident self in an avant-garde dress or a dressy-business ensemble, reinvent your go-to look by adding a couture turban. In a season of sparkle and glamour, this is the perfect way to go outside your comfort zone, while secretly staying inside of it!
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4. Cozy Sweater and Cozy Turban
Going through changes in your hair can mean you are cold constantly, especially in chillier seasons. Pairing warm sweaters with beautiful knit turbans will keep you cozy and appropriately dressed as you move from outdoors to indoors. When you choose a stylish knit turban, your turban is no longer an outerwear item only – it is simply a stylish accessory.


5. Glamorous Turban and Blazer
This year the blazer has gone from business-vibes only, to wardrobe staple status. Blazers present a chic and elegant way to play dress up, particularly in colder seasons – whether you prefer an embellished style or something more traditional. By adding an accessory as timeless as a turban to this look, you can exude power and confidence in your blazer all season long.
6. Fancy (or Classic) Turban with Festive Outfit
a. What type of style puts you in the festive mood? Is it a metallic accent on your blouse? Animal print? An LBD? Combine your favorite festive outfit with an equally festive turban. Because you can never have too much of a good thing. Especially if that good thing is festive style.
The trick to dressing for the holidays while you go through hair changes is to lean into what makes you more of you. Choosing your favorite elements of style and channeling them into a festive and cozy medium will keep you excited to dress and looking forward to the seasons ahead. Save this blog post and keep it handy in the coming months, and you’ll never run dry of fashion inspiration.
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