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Holiday Hair Loss Gift Guide

Holiday Hair Loss Gift Guide

When you give a gift, you can give style, luxury, empowerment, comfort and so much more. Here are our favorite gifting items this season that combine fashion and function into a thoughtful gesture for your loved one, especially if they are facing cancer and hair loss.

Glamorous Turban

Glamorous turbans are the perfect way to add flair and personality to your look during the holidays and beyond. Our evening, designer, and couture collections have a range of fashion forward styles where you can discover adornments as unique as your hair journey. The choice of style is not only an empowering one, it is one of self-expression and bravery.

Fancy Headband 

Headbands are a beautiful way to celebrate your hair journey at every stage. Adorn yourself in one whether you are showing off your beautiful baldie, your chemo curls, or your long locks. Headbands offer a fashionable touch while also make it easier to manage and style your hair during regrowth.

 Handmade Earrings

Wearing statement earrings with your turban or headband can give you a boost of confidence as you personalize your style. While our handmade statement earrings are fantastic for special occasions, you can also wear them to bring sparkle to any day. 

Decorative Socks

Wearing decorative socks can bring a touch of joy and personal expression to everyday moments, adding a playful and uplifting element to lounging at home or waiting at a doctor's appointment. 

Elegant Tote Bag

The Carry with Confidence Tote Bag blends fashion and function, making it a wonderful gift for any StyleEsteem Queen on the go. With its waterproof, versatile and spacious elements, it is bound to become a staple in your everyday wardrobe.

Luxurious Home Accessory

Gifting a luxurious fur throw blanket or pillow can bring elegance and joy to your loved one’s most important space – their home. We love these pieces from Pologeorgis because they are a reminder that everyone is worthy of having luxury in their lives. And when you treat yourself with luxury, you feel like luxury. Use the code SONYA15 at checkout to enjoy 15% off your order, compliments of Pologeorgis!

Lounge Headwear

The time you spend with yourself, whether at home or in the hospital, can have a positive impact on your confidence if you are intentional about it. Bring style and comfort to your everyday moments with a lounge headpiece, whether you choose one that is plush, breathable, or made with hair healthy satin. A lounge headpiece will truly ensure that you are the most stylish company you keep.

Cozy Robe

A beautiful robe is the perfect reminder to put your wellness first during the holidays and beyond. It is also a wonderful compliment to your daily hair and scalp ritual, and can bring added relaxation to the moment. For this, we love the cozy and buttery soft Miena Robe by AnaOno Intimates, designed by breast cancer survivor Dana Donofree. Coordinate your robe with your lounge turban to elevate your downtime look!

Nourishing Hair Oils

Oiling your hair is a therapeutic ritual which has incredible hair and scalp health benefits, too. We love this Harmonic Healing Oil by Innersense Organic Beauty because it is packed with nourishing oils and scented with lavender and rosemary to reduce stress. Another favorite is this Mielle hair oil which great for repairing damaged hair and promoting growth, while soothing and relaxing with its peppermint properties.

Hair & Scalp Essential Items

Creating hair rituals, especially during hair loss, is an incredible way to practice self-care and to take back the narrative on your hair journey. Explore our Amazon shop where we’ve curated a list of our favorite hair ritual essentials like a scalp massage brush (to be used with fortified shampoos or oils), heat safe hair dryer, detangling comb, humidifier, scalp cooling wrap, brow kit, and so much more. Each sale from our Amazon shop supports our giveback program. 

All Natural Candle

Never Alone Candles, crafted by two-time cancer survivor Diana Mendoza, features hand-poured coconut wax, 100% natural ingredients, and a cozy wood burning wick, offering a calming and toxin-free sensory experience available at NeverAloneCandles.com.

Affirmation Cards

The “Talk to Yourself Like a Friend” affirmations card set was created by cancer survivor Anna Crollman. Each card has a thoughtful affirmation of self-compassion & empowerment and just as importantly – an explanation of how put it into action. Each image accompanying the statements is uniquely inspiring and show artistic representations of cancer thrivers at all stages of treatment and survivorship. This is a gift to be treasured and used over and over again. 

Knit Turban 

While hair can offer a natural layer of protection from the elements, during treatment and regrowth we can experience cold more intensely due to the loss of this protective layer. A beautiful knit turban can offer a personalized and stylish way to bring comfort back during the cold seasons and beyond. From diamonds to pearls, these are not your standard winter beanies! 

Warming Wearable

Brilliantly Warm, a discreet warming wearable by cancer previvor Kristen Carbone, provides instant warmth through the Brilliantly app, offering comfort especially for those with temperature fluctuations during chemotherapy or hair loss. StyleEsteem Queens can enjoy a 15% discount with code StyleEsteem15 at Brilliantly.co

Gift Card

Giving a gift card is a thoughtful gesture that acknowledges and honors your loved one’s personal style. With a gift card, they can hand select items that perfectly align with their tastes, ensuring they will receive something they will genuinely love and use.  

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