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Holiday Hair Loss Gift Guide

Holiday Hair Loss Gift Guide

​Some of the best gifts are not only thoughtful but also functional. If you are looking to gift someone (or yourself) who is going through cancer and hair loss, we have put together a helpful gift guide ​that will bring a little luxury to the life of any patient. Which ones below are your favorites? Let us know in the comments!

1. Scalp Massager

Creating hair rituals, especially during hair loss, is not only a way to take back control after a diagnosis, it also helps set the stage for healthy hair regrowth. Scalp massages are a key way to keep your scalp healthy while processing chemotherapy medicines. Massages encourage oxygen flow to the skin which is vital for strong follicles and oil glands. Our favorite scalp massage brush can be used in or outside of the shower. If you are using this in the shower, the soft bristles can help gently cleanse your pores along with your shampoo and conditioner. Outside of the shower, this brush can be used for stress reducing massages when combined with a luxurious hair oil (see gift item #2). See the details here.

2. Luxurious Scalp Oil

Applying oil is a great way to naturally moisturize your hair and scalp, especially during the cold months.  But did you know that certain oils can simultaneously provide key nutrients to your follicles as well? We love the luxurious Harmonic Healing Oil by Innersense Organic Beauty because it is packed with nourishing, non-greasy ingredients like safflower seed oil, macadamia seed oil and jojoba seed oil. And it has a lavender and rosemary scent, which is known for reducing stress. When you use this oil with a soft massage brush, your scalp massage rituals will feel like a treat. See the details here.

3. Holiday Turban

Dressing during hair loss can be tricky. While you may have worn a similar hair style on most occasions, wearing the same turban over and over in place of your hair can begin to feel repetitive and boring. That’s why we believe you should have the option to style your turban the same way you style your clothes – by season and occasion.

Evening wear turbans are the perfect way to add a little (or a lot) something extra to your look during hair loss. Whether you prefer an understated satin style, or something bold and bedazzled, we’ve got you covered! And major plus – turbans are great for all stages of hair growth. Even as you take time to learn to style your new hair lengths, you can always use a turban for an easy and polished hair solution, no matter the occasion! See the details here.

4. Clean Beauty

Finding ways to have fun with aspects of your beauty routine beyond your hair is important. Clean beauty cosmetics is a great way to explore new makeup looks that feel pretty and empowering with each stage of hair growth. When it comes to clean beauty, we love the vegan and organic makeup line created by a breast cancer survivor and her oncology nurse sister. SaltyGirl Beauty not only has the prettiest lip and eye makeup, but also carries clean body scrubs and bath salts for those who want to pamper themselves. This is a fantastic gift for any patient who is looking to detox their cosmetics after a diagnosis. See more details here.

5. Lounge Turban

With frigid temperatures and concerns about the pandemic, many of us are staying hunkered down these days. Staying in, and particularly the time you spend with yourself, can have a positive impact on your confidence if you are intentional about it. Adding a lounge turban to your around-the-house clothes can help you feel cozy and cute as you are going about your daily tasks. This about more than just looking nice at home. It’s about giving yourself the space to dress with elegance and dignity during diagnosis – even at home. While many of our turbans are comfortable enough to wear all day long, this winter we are introducing ultra-plush and cozy styles to take your home wear to the next level. You will be the most stylish company you keep. See more details here.

6. Glam Earrings

Finding easy ways to look and feel your best during treatment is key. One of the easiest ways to dress up a special occasion outfit is with glamorous accessories. Look for statement jewelry in a variety of styles and colors that can be quickly mixed and matched with many wardrobe items. In a time of virtual gatherings, focusing on earrings especially, will give your look a dose of uniqueness when you are spending time with loved ones. See more details here.

7. Satin Turban

Satin turbans are a great gift for any stage of hair growth. While they are chic enough to wear outside, they are even better to wear to bed. Satin turbans prevent scalp and hair dryness and breakage that results from friction with your pillowcase. Satin helps lock in moisture, keeping your hair and scalp shiny and hydrated as you snooze. You can even get them in multiple colors to create matching sets with pajamas. See more details here.

8. Face & Brow Contouring Kit

The hairline provides a natural starting point to the shape of your face, which guides how you apply your makeup. After hair loss, and for some, added weight in the face due to treatment, contouring with makeup can help recreate the natural shape of your face. Although it is not a permanent fix, it can help you feel more like yourself when you are out in the world during treatment. We love this face contouring Wonder Stick by NYX because it keeps contouring simple, and this brow contouring kit by Aesthetica because it comes with a variety of brow powders as well as a stencil.

9. Knit Turban

The hair on our head serves as a natural layer of warmth and protection for our body. Hair loss, regardless of the season, can result in a constant feeling of coldness. That’s why when it comes to knit turbans, you can never have too many. Keeping a wardrobe of cozy and cute pieces will help you handle your body’s temperature changes in style. And remember, for each turban sold, we donate one to a cancer patient in need. See more details here.

Each gift in our list is sure to bring luxury and comfort back to the life of a patient. It is during diagnosis and treatment that we must remind ourselves the most, how much we are worthy of beautiful and enjoyable experiences. Small gestures, like the giving of these gifts, to yourself or to someone else, are a simple way to make that reminder a reality.


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