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Naomi Campbell, Mental Health & Walking in New York Fashion Week

Naomi Campbell, Mental Health & Walking in New York Fashion Week

This weekend I have the exciting honor of taking the runway during  NYFW as a designer AND a model wearing StyleEsteem Couture with AnaOno Intimates.

Along with preparing the headpiece and the look, there is also the mental preparation.

During this process I thought back to one of my favorite quotes by Naomi Campbell that inspired me find my "StyleEsteem" during chemotherapy:

What do they expect me to do—walk in looking all drib and drab? I've never looked drib and drab in my life.

Naomi Campbell

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As I sipped my chai and read my Vogue India with cover star Naomi Campbell, in my cozy AnaOno robe, I reflected on why I am walking.

When I take the runway this weekend, I am walking for all versions of me.

The one that couldn’t walk because chemotherapy made it too painful for her to do so.

The one that trekked three blocks after treatment to get lost inside a fabric store.

The one that walked away from her career to launch a business.

The one that walks in purpose into her survivorship.

Each version of me (and you) deserves to walk with StyleEsteem and to be celebrated for how far we've come. Here's to taking the next milestone movement and walking at New York Fashion Week!

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