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Couture Turbans for Chemo and Hair Loss

Couture Turbans for Chemo and Hair Loss

When I was diagnosed with an early stage breast cancer at age 29 and learned that I would lose my hair to chemo, I was only able to find head coverings for cancer patients that were either too dowdy, or that made me look and feel like a sick person. I decided if I wanted to wear a head covering that celebrated my courage, my style and my story, I’d have to create that item myself.

I started looking for inspiration and was immediately struck by the timeless and elegant turban style of starlets like Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly. And the revival of this classic look in the 2000’s and 2010’s in iconic moments like the movie Sex and the City 2, and runway presentations that I attended by Prada and Ralph Lauren. While I saw beautiful interpretations of the turban throughout fashion history, I didn’t see an instance where cancer patients were included, uplifted, and designed for.

Creating a space where cancer patients serve as the muse for the head wear they need season after season, became a dream of mine. And now that we have done that, I want us to take it to the next level.

That’s why I am absolutely thrilled to announce the arrival of StyleEsteem couture turbans. The couture collection is a limited edition seasonal collection of iconic, head turning styles, created to make you feel like a fashion goddess. Each couture turban will be designed and hand crafted in New York City. Each piece will embody the alta moda of that season. 

Our couture collection will draw the line in the sand that you knew was there all along: each hair loss story is unique and the turbans you wear should be just as unique as your story.

Not only are these styles inspired by you, I hope they will inspire you too to step into your hair journey with an unapologetic love for yourself and pride in your story. I hope you celebrate your strength and beauty every single day and that these turbans are a stylish reminder for you to do so.


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