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Expert Tips on Styling Your Post-Chemo Hair

Expert Tips on Styling Your Post-Chemo Hair

By Laura Guyton

As a hairstylist who has been fortunate enough to do what I love for over 20 years, my experience has taught me a lot about how choosing your hairstyle at different lengths can transform your confidence. I’ve been privileged to help many cancer patients navigate this part of their hair journey, especially during regrowth.

As someone who has had her own cancer scare and who has helped women get through diagnosis and hair loss, I’ve learned the importance of needing to feel like a woman and to feel dignified during this process after something as life changing as cancer. I approach each of my clients as individuals, by hearing what their hair goals are going forward, especially those who have experienced hair loss from medication or chemo.

When we begin, I always like to recommend several looks as goals during the growing out process. For example, a pixie cut is our first hair goal. After a few months we are looking at various versions of short to medium haircuts, and finally if so desired, medium to long hairstyles. I find most women will need several looks involving the short to medium hairstyles as their hair length adjusts and evens out.

This practice of looking at styles for different hair lengths seems to give many of my clients a feeling of control and purpose in the future of their hair, which I find is what makes us feel like ourselves. I hope you will have a conversation with your stylist so that you too will feel like your best self during this time. Your stylist can be a great resource for you as you navigate this new chapter of survivorship, and learn to step into your confidence as you go forward.

Below are some examples of hair styles to get you inspired. If you have any questions about hair styling after treatment, feel free to reach out to me at lauraguytonstyles@gmail.com or www.lauraguytonstyles.glossgenius.com.

From 0-3 months you'll be able to try a pixie style like pictures #1 and #2. This style is easy to replicate whether your hair is straight or curly. If you have fine hair, I recommend using IGK Next Level Volume Spray in damp hair to give fine hair some extra lift. Or, if you have curly hair I recommend Deva Curl Light Defining Gel to control frizz without being too stiff.
As you can see each stage of hair length has its appeal. And, as your hair grows, you and your stylist can work together to make you feel beautiful at every stage. Don’t be afraid to try some new makeup products, accessories and turbans as well. Experiment and see what works for YOU! For example, bangs or no bangs? This can be an enjoyable discovery if you are willing to try new things in each phase. Every person’s hair grows at different rates and in different textures so choose to experiment as you enter each new phase of your hair journey.  Recommended products can be purchased from the StyleEsteem Amazon Shop “Grooming and Beautifying” List
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