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Headwear Edition: Our Met Gala 2024 Best Dressed List

Headwear Edition: Our Met Gala 2024 Best Dressed List

In the whirlwind of glamour that is the Met Gala, amidst the cascade of exquisite gowns and meticulously tailored suits, it is headwear that captured the limelight for us. At this illustrious event, headpieces are far more than mere adornments; they are profound works of art, embodying the rich tapestry of fashion history and the personal stories of those who wear them. These pieces push the boundaries of human creativity and innovation, transforming the conceptual into the tangible.

This year, under the evocative theme “Sleeping Beauties: Reawakening Fashion,” the headwear on display was breathtaking, each piece a defiant challenge to conventional expectations. These masterpieces proved, yet again, that the right accessory does not just complement an outfit—it transforms it into a narrative, a spectacle of iconic proportions.

Below, we've showcased some of our favorite Met Gala 2024 headwear moments. We hope they inspire you to infuse your wardrobe with main character energy: embrace the bold, the unexpected, the avant-garde. Step into the spotlight with confidence. And remember, you are the author and fashion is your story to tell. Perhaps one day, our headpieces will tell their story from the Met Gala red carpet as well.

1. Alia Bhatt adorned her sensational Sabyasachi Mukherjee couture saree with an Indian jewelry, tikka headpiece. A most fitting crown showing that royalty can truly transcend cultural boundaries!

2. Amanda Gorman's blue headband reminded us how much we love the fact that we are all the main character of our stories, destined to be heroines in cute headwear. 
3. Amanda Seyfried's metallic headpiece blended perfectly into her metallic hair to create a striking fantasy look, showing that every part of your look can be molded to tell your story. 
4. We love a monochrome look that's achieved with patterns, and Amy Fine Collins' ensemble did just that! We loved how this beautiful and curated look was topped with a sculptural headpiece that brought it all to life. 
5. When volume meets elegance and creates presence. Sarah Jessica Parker's voluminous hat was made even more perfect with a sparkling brooch that gave her an extra unexpected touch of glamour and continuity with the rest of her look. The small touches can really transform your headwear!
6. Bad Bunny, one of the co-chairs of this year's Met Gala, brought his own unique presence to the event with this avant garde expression of this year's theme.
7. If you follow us on Instagram you know that we are huge fans of Cynthia Erivo's past Met Gala looks - and we are adding this year's appearance to our list too. Cynthia looked incredibly powerful and etherial, rocking her beautiful baldie and adorning it with crystal jewels expressing this year's theme. It reminds us of the power of adorning your baldie - like with henna crowns - and how confidence translates into any setting as your best accessory. 
8. The unfurling of Cardi B.'s gown by Sensen Li of Windowsen was like a slow release dopamine hit for our watch party. It was an incredible example of how your turban and your outfit can compete with each other in the best way. Building each other up into a crescendo of a masterpiece of fashion drama. 
9. Zendaya, one of this year's co-chairs, wore two unique looks with two unique headpieces. We loved how she and Law Roach played with the idea of dark fantasy to capture their own interpretation of the gala's theme. 
10. When your husband is co-chairing the Met Gala, of course you should show up wearing a stunning crown. And that's exactly what Elsa Pataky, Chris Hemsworth's wife, did. 
11. Ugbad Abdi's ethereal headcovering was simply stunning, and shows how a headpiece can be your ultimate crown, hair or no hair. 
12. Natasha Poonawalla's Met Gala look evoked surrealist fantasy, and was perfectly topped with a whimsical beret. It showed how your headpiece can create magic if you approach it with imagination and playfulness.
13. Rosalía's head to toe Dior ensemble, with a headpiece by Stephen Jones the head milliner of Dior, is the epitome of timelessness and fashion history itself.
14. Lana Del Ray's Alexander McQueen look sits in the inspiration books in our studio's library. Needless to say, we were delighted to see one of our favorite McQueen looks on the red carpet. The surrealism and fantasy brought to life by this nature inspired piece in not just a work of art it is a story waiting to be told. 
15. Nicki Minaj's Marni look was a wearable sculpture that was perfectly finished with a dainty flower crown which made the look a literal work of art. This look balanced strength and softness effortlessly. 
16. When a headpiece is as dazzling as this fully crystal balaclava, it makes a show stopping statement while leaving hair out of the picture, as did Cara Delevingne.
17. We loved how Janelle Monae played with detailed touches by adding matching sequins to her hair. Whatever your length of hair, you can adorn yourself in a way that brings you joy and confidence. 
18. The combination of Karol G's dress and crown evoked fantasy and royalty for us, like she was a creature from an untold story that we wanted to hear. 
19. Laufey's intricate and layered pink dress was a sublime breath of fresh air. Along with her veil, we felt like she fell upon the red carpet after time traveling from a fairytale wedding in a land and time far away.
20. We loved how Deborah Roberts' choice of crowning herself in vines brought a literal feeling of vibrancy and life to the red carpet. That is the true power of headwear, that it can make an uplifting impression on you and everyone around you. 
It was hard to narrow down our list but we did it! Which were your top three favorite headwear looks from this year's Met Gala? Tell us in the comments!
All photo credits from Vogue unless otherwise stated.
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