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StyleEsteem's Debut at Young Survival Coalition Summit 2024

StyleEsteem's Debut at Young Survival Coalition Summit 2024

StyleEsteem had the pleasure of exhibiting its collections at the Young Survival Coalition's 2024 Summit in Las Vegas and I'm thrilled to share with you that our debut at the YSC Summit was a huge success!

Leading up to the journey from NYC, we were filled with anticipation as we prepared for the summit, and the response exceeded all of my expectations. Engaging with courageous patients and their caregivers on their unique hair journeys throughout the weekend was an incredibly moving experience for me personally. Listening to their stories, sharing in their triumphs, and offering our support underscored the profound impact of our mission to empower and uplift through headwear designs. 

Moreover, amidst the excitement of our inaugural exhibition, we had the privilege of offering an exclusive preview of our upcoming Italian-inspired collection, marking a significant milestone as we approach our 5th year in business. Meeting long-time customers face-to-face for the first time was a highlight, allowing me to extend my heartfelt gratitude for their unwavering support. As we look ahead to the launch of our anniversary collection, I am inspired by the connections forged and the stories shared, reaffirming our commitment to celebrate individuality and strength through style.

Thank you to all the incredible StyleEsteem Queens who stopped by our booth, played dress up with us, and wore our designs throughout the YSC Summit and out on the town in Las Vegas. I loved seeing how each of you brought our designs to life by making them your own. Thank you for giving me so much inspiration for all the future designs to come! See the photo gallery below to get a peak of the whirlwind that was our weekend!

StyleEsteem Founder Sonya Keshwani in this headpiece; Anna Crollman of MyCancerChic in a coming soon headpiece; Dana Donofree of AnaOno in this headpiece; Mariana Khayat of AstraZeneca/Ketchum in this headpiece; Terlisa Sheppard; Yahira Torres of Pride Retreat; Nancy Davidson of Foundation for Living Beauty; Hair With a Cause; Nikki Tripplett; Andrea Hans; Kim Angell; Brittney Beadle; Myra Ortega Camino; Julie Moser of Pink Warrior Angels; Avery Quinn Strippelhoff; Patti Roca of Coral Collective Public Relations and Natrelle; Nicole Wells Conge of Young Breast Cancer Project in this headpiece; Christina "Howie" Moscato in this headpiece.

All other headpieces pictured: White with bling fringe; Champagne beaded accentBlack with flowers runway design; Gold beaded flower 

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