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New Year’s Resolutions for Thriving Through Cancer, Chemotherapy & Hair Loss

New Year’s Resolutions for Thriving Through Cancer, Chemotherapy & Hair Loss

Everyday can be your New Year, because every day is worthy of a promise toward a happier, healthier and more fulfilled you. Whether you are newly diagnosed, in active treatment, or walking the path of survivorship, here are some of my favorite resolutions for New Year’s Day and beyond, that have helped me accept, honor, and thrive in my hair journey as a cancer survivor.

The days following diagnosis – be it one week or one decade later – can hold many ups and downs. But it’s important to remember that in the story of your life, diagnosis is one chapter. And although we don’t know if the chapter is toward the beginning, middle or end, the story does indeed go on. So, it’s important that in the difficult moments, you find a way to “fix your crown”, get back up, and continue to write your story with pride. 

A dedicated hair and scalp wellness routine during any stage of your hair journey, can create a space of nurturing and comfort in your daily life, that can boost your confidence from within. From the warm seasons to the cold ones. Before, during and after chemotherapy. There are so many ways to be intentional about your hair and scalp wellness. I hope you’ll explore our Words from the Wardrobe blog to learn more.

Dressing well is an opportunity to send a message of confidence to the world around you, as well as to yourself. Designing and wearing a variety of beautiful turbans gave me the courage to step out into the world with a bold conviction in myself at the height of my hair loss. While my turban collection continues to grow, as an ode to my ever evolving story, I love finding new ways to wear my headpieces. With each trip I take, I add a piece to my brooch collection, and adorn my headpieces with these beautiful accents from around the world. Exploring and experimenting with your style, whether through headpieces or another item, can help you reconnect with your inner royalty at every stage of your hair journey.

Embracing a nutritious diet can be a powerful form of self-care for a cancer patient, creating a foundation for overall well-being and resilience during treatment and beyond. By prioritizing foods rich in essential vitamins and minerals, you not only support your body's recovery but also lay the groundwork for promoting healthy hair growth. Nourishing your body from within with a balanced and wholesome diet is a proactive and empowering decision, which I hope will be made easier by our guide for the Best Foods to Eat for Hair Regrowth After Chemotherapy. TIP: Hard press or right click on the chart to save it as an image and to keep it handy while grocery shopping.

When you get to a point in your treatment protocol where you can expect your hair to start growing back, it is easy to feel impatient to see length in your hair, and to feel unappreciative of your new hair in its state of regrowth. Rather than being in a rush to forever get away from your peach fuzz or chemo curls, try to take in every length of hair with an awe and amazement for all that your body is capable of thriving through. Each length represents an incredible chapter in your story, so let the passage of time build up your pride and self-love through your hair.  In the meantime, keep experimenting with your style and haircuts as you learn how to love every version of your crown in the next resolution…

From diagnosis onward you meet many new versions of yourself – both physically and mentally. During the challenges of treatment, as well as hair loss and regrowth, it can become daunting to process the changes when you no longer recognize yourself. To cope with this during my own chemotherapy experience, I often used a mental technique. Each time I saw a new version of myself in the mirror, I told myself that I was simply meeting a new version of me that was my new best friend. And my only job was to treat her as I would treat my best friend – to get to know what makes her feel confident, strong, and safe, and to be her biggest cheerleader no matter what.

I hope my personal new year’s resolutions for cancer and chemotherapy help you in your own hair journey and survivorship. Which resolution resonates with you the most? Is there one that you’d add to this list? Let me know in the comments!

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